Cheap Eats In Liverpool

If you are in Liverpool when hunger strikes, fear not! Liverpool is packed full of restaurants with affordable meals at almost any time of day. Here’s our top 5 cheap eats in Liverpool!
  • The Olive - Liverpool


    25-27 Castle Street L2 4TA
    Cuisine: Italian
    Avg Main: £10.00
    Really tasty freshly made to order Italian is the name of the game at the Olive. They are constantly offering deals, vouchers, lunch offers and group offers as well, so getting a bargain at the Olive is a pretty easy arrangement. Relaxed, pretty and with excellent service the Olive is an excellent food stop for lunch or dinner. Pastas, flatbreads, stone baked pizzas and a very good wine list has earned this restaurant the privileged of being one of the top 10 best value restaurants in the country and the service is impeccable! The only shock is the (small) size of your bill when it arrives. Definitely a restaurant that you will visit again and again.
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  • Casa Italia


    36-40 Stanley Street L1 6AL
    Cuisine: Italian
    Avg Main: £8.00
    Casa Italia is another well-established Italian restaurant in Liverpool, famous for its tasty, authentic Italian flavours and no nonsense approach to dining. The environment is very friendly, in the sense that groups of people are free to sit together, with food scattered up and down the table making this feel like you are in a family members house. The staff are attentive and the flavours are very authentic: no pretentiousness here, the pasta is fresh, long and served hugely in a bowl, the pizzas dribble with generous portions of mozzarella and the service is regularly described by reviewers as “exceptional. A great cheap eat in Liverpool and not one to miss.
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  • Table Table - The Derby Lodge


    Roby Road, Huyton L36 4HD
    Cuisine: British
    Avg Main: £9.00
    Table Table is a pub restaurant, best known for its excellent sharing platters of your pub classics with a few dots of international here and there. It’s a pub, but a comfortable pub best suited for a long, chilled out lunch where you have the option of finger food or your usual pub meals which come in a higher than average quality, and at a bigger size than usual. You will be hard pushed to spend more than £10 on a really filling meal, and of course being a pub this is an excellent place to turn that lunch into a day long chatting and socializing session, A good one for dates and meeting mates.
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  • Fahrenheit Grill  - Genting Club Queen Square


    1-3 Queen Square L1 1RH
    Cuisine: British
    Avg Main: £6.00
    The Fahrenheit Grill in Liverpool is a very cool and trendy steak haunt in Liverpool’s City Centre. There is a canteen dining area and a private members area which turns the dining experience up a notch, with the main focus being on the very high quality locally source beef steaks and a highlight on socializing and meeting people. The price is very reasonable as well.
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  • What's Cooking?


    24 Britannia Pavilion L3 4AD
    Cuisine: Steaks & Grills
    Avg Main: £12.00
    What’s Cooking is a tiny, packed out and very popular Mexican Spanish restaurant serving spicy meals in the form of fajitas, rice’s and pitta breads, spicy chicken and chilled meats. Its small, overcrowded and as busy as a city centre so not somewhere to take a business meeting, but if you like your food served quick, tasty and spicy you will not be disappointed. An excellent cheap eat in Liverpool.
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